John Swift

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Voorwoord op het Jonathan Swift ‘Introvert’ album CBS 1971

Jonathan Swift was hard pressed to remember the groups he played with in the Bradford area. His days of pounding out pop at such venues as the Penny Farthing and Silver Blades Ice Rink are long since past.

Succes followed the Baildon born 26 year old’s move to Liverpool and now after periods with groups that achieved hit parade status he has found his own niche and his emergence as a solo artist on tours with Leon Russel and Yes should soon be confirmed by the release of his first LP on CBS, called Jonathan Swift ‘Introvert’.

Looking back, Jonathan recalled his days with a group in Liverpool 11 years ago. He stayed with the Pop scene for a long time backing artists such as Marty Wilde and Gene Vincent and also enjoyed a number one hit with the Mojo’s.

“I came back to Yorkshire after about a year and got a group together here in Bradford called The Unburst Bubble. There were three of us, myself (lead guitar and vocals), Stuart May on Bass guitar and Mel Stephens on drums.”

Jonathan eventually left for London to look for work.  He played with various groups for about 18 months before meeting his present manager Brian Lane, who listened to his songs and then set about securing for a recording contract.

We finally went to CBS and it was a good move because I’ve got more scope and more money to play with. They’ve also allowed me to produce my own album.” 

During the period Jonathan has been cutting the album he has also been touring with Leon Russel and Yes.  Rhythm tracks were put down first with the help of Steve Hammond who was formerly with Chris Farlows Thunderbirds and is now part of the Fat Matteress line-up. Drummer Colin Davey from the Thunderbirds, bass guitarist Jack Brand, who’s with the Tumbleweeds, and Clodagh Rogers musical director Pete Kelly who was on piano and organ.

“Martin Rushent who engenered the album and myself kwew what we wanted so far as the string section went.  We gave Jerry Shury who directed arrangements, the idea’s and he put them down on paper.” said Jonathan.

All the songs but one on the nine track album have been written by Jonathan who sings and accompanies himself on six string and 12-string acoustic guitar.

After a succesfull Scandinavian tour with Black Sabbath, Jonathan made a return visit there, which lasted about three weeks, and he will be going to the States for 2 months to promote the album in the near future.

His trip to America will propably be followed by a World tour so we’re not likely seeing mr. Swift doing any British gig for some time.     

 Written by Charles Keighley. (Bradford Telegraph & Argus) 1971